Our company

Since Hydreka was founded in 1988, its major objective has always been customer satisfaction. Always there when you need it and ready to listen to its customers, Hydreka's strength is based on its experience, and the work of its research and development department, which enables it to offer increasingly effective products and anticipate on customer requirements, making their often strenuous work in the field a lot easier. Hydreka has all the services and measuring systems required to deal with the water cycle, in France and abroad. In 2000, Hydreka joined HALMA plc, an international group of technology-related companies, and is now part of its Environmental & Analysis division.

Our comprehensive range

Hydreka doesn't only market products, it offers a comprehensive range. From the design phase through to the operational phase, including equipment maintenance, Hydreka has all the necessary skills to help, advise and train measuring system users. Hydreka is particularly attentive to customer requirements. Innovation, customer service and responsiveness are the very basics of the company's approach.

Our products

• 1988: Sales of first data recorders with 10-year battery life.

• 1990: Development and production of AQUAPROBE® electromagnetic insertion flow meters, designed to monitor leaks, in conjunction with ABB and with SAGEP support.

• 1991: Development and popularization of the Doppler flow meter for open channel flow measurement.

• 1993 - 1998: Development and marketing of EUROLOG, then OCTOPUS® multi-purpose data recorders for drinking water and wastewater applications.

• 2000: PERMALOG®, successor of the METRASCAN and AQUALOG®50 created by Reten Acoustic (member of the Halma group) in 1989: a revolutionary leak detection device.

• 2003: Introduction on the French market of the multi-point sensor correlator SoundSens® invented by RADCOM (member of the Halma group) in 1998.

• 2006: Introduction of a new generation permalog: Permalog+.

• 2007: Launch of Mainstream IV, a new portable level-velocity Doppler flow meter, with one-year autonomy.

• December 2008: Upgrading of the HydrINS range, with the marketing of HydrINS 2, with display function.

• 2009: Market release of the Mainstream IV permanent.

• 2010: Launch of new probe HydrINS 2 Mini.

• 2011: New SMS and GPRS data logger display for HydrINS 2 and Mini HydrINS 2

• 2013: ACS - French Sanitary conformity certification for the whole HydrINS range

• 2014: Launch of a specific HydrINS probe dedicated to the North American market with a encoder output , HydrINS EO

• 2015: Introduction of a digital Doppler Velocity Probe: DVP

• 2016: NSF61/ANSI - North American Sanitary conformity certification for the whole HydrINS range and launch of ChronoFLO2, the new Hydreka transit time flowmeter


The Winfluid software package

• 1989: Development of the universal WinFluid software package concept for data processing and analysis, compatible with all Hydreka measuring instruments.

WinFluid is the software most widely used by R&D departments and network operators. The software is constantly being upgraded with latest releases available on our Website.

• 2007: WinFluid Mobile software can be used to program, read and interpret data from the entire range of Hydreka data recorders and sensors, using a pocket PC or PDA. Archer PDA is particularly suited to field operations.

• 2012: Launch of Webfluid, a secure data hosting service. Acquisition, centralization, data hosting, visualization and data analysis are now available 24 hour a day and 7 day a week with a few click.

• 2016: Introduction of the new MainFLO software

Our services

• 1994: Our team of engineers designs and sets up hydraulic laboratories and gauging and inspection rigs

• 1998: We lead the European measuring instrument rental market

• 2000: Creation of an after sales department devoted to all owners of measuring systems, such as bubbler systems, samplers and acoustic correlators

• 2001: Creation of a State-certified training centre run by professionals skilled in measuring techniques

• 2009: New office in Canada with new retailers

• 2010: The rental site is extended. It now covers an area of almost 1,000 m²

• 2014: Centralization of Rental, Operational and After-Sales services in Limonest site

• 2013-2015: Implementation of technical hubs in Europe, Asia, North America and Middle East

• 2016: Centralization of all services in Limonest site, the new HYDREKA head office