AS950 Single bottle sampler

The HYDREKA sampler comprises a refrigerated chamber, with a polythene or glass bottle, equipped with a HACH SIGMA AS950 sampling unit. A folding transport trolley, with inflatable wheels, is also available.

The 12 V power supplies for the cold unit and the sampler head are separate, in order to allow all possible power supply combinations (mains power and/or battery).

The chamber temperature is fully adjustable, by the user, down to -18°C (which enables the chamber to be cooled before starting the analysis, and also the cooling of the samples, for transfer to the laboratory).

This instrument can be used in fixed station or portable mode, and is particularly useful for conducting regulatory inspections (effluent release or similar regulations) on urban and industrial waste water release, and for monitoring pollution in storm overflow systems, etc.

It will also facilitate your quality actions by ensuring that the cold chain is maintained, in compliance with ISO standard 5667-10 and the French effluent release regulations (RSDE).


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Single Bottle Sampler