AS950 24 bottles sampler

The HYDREKA multi-bottle refrigerated portable sampler is available with 24 polythene or glass bottles.

A version with 4 or 8 bottles is also available. Contact us.

The sampler is equipped with a SIGMA AS950 sampler head.

The 12 V power supplies for the cold unit and the sampler head are separate, in order to allow all possible power supply combinations (mains power and/or battery).

The refrigerated base comprises a one-piece polymer technology container.

The sampler is perfectly thermally insulated, with a wall thickness of 4 to 5 cm, thus enabling pollution analyses to be carried out and pollution charts produced.

It will also facilitate your quality actions by ensuring that the cold chain is maintained, in compliance with ISO standard 5667-10 and the French effluent release regulations (RSDE).


Rental avalaible


24 Bottles Sampler