AS950 Isothermal sampler

The AS950 sampler is the latest of the HACH SIGMA range.

This instrument exists in single- or multi-bottle version (glass or polythene), and can be converted into a refrigerated version, by adapting the HYDREKA bases.

The sampler has a high-speed peristaltic pump (0.9 m/s at 4.6 m) with spring-mounted rollers, and meets the requirements of ISO standard 5667-10.

This instrument is particularly useful for sampling urban or industrial waste water (diagnostics, analyses, etc.), monitoring surface water (analyses, route plotting, etc.), and may be installed as a fixed station or mobile device.

This sampler is compatible with our entire product range. Thus, any type of programme can be activated as a function of parameters such as flow rate, rainfall, physical-chemical characteristics, level, etc.


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