Blocking bladders

Our range of system-blocking bladders provides a perfect seal on all types of material.

Our blocking bladders are suitable for various utilisations and will enable you to conduct leak tests (system acceptance), or isolate sections of a pipe system. The range comprises four models, with diameters from 100 to 800 mm.

Each blocking bladder has an identification plate, stating the diameter range covered, the inflation pressure and the counter-pressure accepted.

To block small pipe systems that are difficult to access, our connection bladder covers diameters from 92 to 210 mm.

The bladders are light (1.3 kg), very short (200 mm) and can be used on all types of material (cast iron, PVC, sandstone, etc.).

Three options are available:

* length 1.50 m, and adapter for vehicle-type inflation,

* equipped with a hose,

* union with BSP thread.

Inflation pressure is around 3.5 bars.


Rental avalaible