HydrINS Display

The HydrINS Display has an LCD screen that displays the flow rate measured by an on-site HydrINS 2 or HydrINS 2 Mini flow meter.

Available in three models: Display Unit A, Display Unit C and GPRS Display-Logger.

Display Unit A provides two contact outputs for the management of alarms based on exceeding max. values or going outside the acceptable range of values. It can operate in standalone power mode (internal lithium batteries that last 4 to 10 years) or on a 9-28 V DC external power source.

Display Unit C needs an external 20-28 V DC power source. In addition to the two contact outputs, it also has two 4-20 mA outputs and four pulse outputs.

GRPS Display-Logger provides three function (display, data logging and reference remote data). Indeed, this display includes a data logger and a modem operating with SMS or GPRS. Bluetooth in option.

The display unit case is made of ABS and polycarbonate, resulting in a light, easy-to-install and waterproof (IP68) unit.

These Display Units are very easy to configure using HYDREKA Winfluid.

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