HydrINS 2 Mini

The HydrINS 2 Mini insertion flow meter is an adaptable version of the HydrINS 2 flow meter, usable on diameters from 70 mm, with 3/4" (19 mm) BSP/NPT connections.

The sensor diameter has been reduced from 22 mm to 15 mm, which reduces interference.

It is light and compact (in height), which facilitates both utilisation and transport.

The HydrINS 2 Mini flow meter can be used either occasionally, when required, or for a permanent flow-metering function. Its electromagnetic sensor is of the latest generation and ensures two-way flow measurement down to a minimum velocity of 2 cm/s. This flow meter can monitor extremely low flow rates that are not measurable by other instruments.

Like HydrINS 2, this flow meter can also be combined :

*With a standalone recorder (Lolog, Vista +)

*With a recorder featuring SMS/GPRS communication (Octopus LX).

*With a display on site may be battery- or mains-powered.

*With a connection to a remote-management satellite possible.

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HydrINS 2 Mini