HydrINS 2

Based on our experience, with several thousand HydrINS flow meters in operational use (sectorisation, network diagnostics, etc.), we are proud to present our new range of HydrINS 2 insertion flow meters, with a real time flow display.

HydrINS 2 offers the same measuring characteristics and precision as the HydrINS range:

* velocity measured up to 2 cm/s,

* precision of measured value: 2% or 2 mm/s,

* Ultra high precision on low flow rate values,

* IP 68,

* Winfluid software interface.

4 different models allow flow rates to be measured on diameters between around 100 and 2500 mm.

The reinforced ABS head gives a very light weight for a real field flow meter, that only needs a small access hatch and BSP or NPT connections for its installation.

There are several possible data acquisition solutions:

*Using a standalone recorder (Lolog, Vista +)

*Usiong a recorder featuring SMS/GPRS communication (Octopus LX).

*Using a display on site may be battery- or mains-powered.

*Using a connection with a remote-management satellite possible.

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