Octopus LX

The Octopus LX is the latest of the HYDREKA standalone data recorder range.

It has up to two configurable input channels (metering, status and/or event, internal or external pressure, 4-20 mA) and a memory capacity of 65,536 values per channel. The Octopus LX is available with three communication modes: local, SMS or GPRS. Remote reconfiguration is also possible by GPRS.

The Octopus LX operates in standalone power mode, with a lithium D battery that lasts for 5 years at the rate of one SMS per day. It is the ideal recorder for acquiring data on isolated sites (abstraction and drinking water reservoirs for example).

Interface with Winfluid and Topkapi. Automatic exporting with Lerne and Geremi.

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version 2.80


Octopus LX