Wireless Solutions

Welcome to the world of HMS: the Hydreka Monitoring System !

Hydreka has offered a wireless data monitoring and logging solution since 2007. Our expertise can help you design wireless networks suited to you needs.

Each day our VHF technology logs more than 60,000 data sources in France, including 27 000 meters in Paris (on the Left Bank), 6,350 meters in Saint-Just / Saint-Rambert (42nd département) , 4,300 meters in Seiches / Le Loir (49th départmement) and 17, 500 meters in Veyle Reyssouze / Vieux Jonc (01st département, currently being deployed ), plus a dozen other areas featuring leak noise loggers in fixed wireless networks (over 850 daily Permalog readings).

As part of the Grenelle Environment Round Table, our solutions enable you to keep a daily check on your network readings (HydrINS, HydrINS 2 and HydrINS 2 mini insertion electromagnetic flowmeters) and to detect leaks (Permalog Plus leak noise loggers) in real time to preserve water resources. Our solutions are heavily subsidized by regional and national water authorities.

Our wireless solutions cover VHF (169 MHz) and UHF (433 and 868/870 MHz) frequency ranges, and Hydreka can help you to integrate them into your SCADA / billing system.

These wireless products can be used with a large number of sensors to manage your installations and networks, such as meters (water, electricity and gas, and ATEX-compliant) and fixed leak noise loggers, as well as temperature, humidity and 4-20 mA or 0 -10V standard signal sensors.

Our smart metering solutions are now available for the industrial and public sectors (water, gas and electricity).

Please contact us with any enquiry. Our experts will direct you to the most suitable solution for your application.

Our expertise :

• Pioneer in the design and roll out of 169 MHz VHF solutions since 2007

• We make our high-performance deployment tools available to you

• We train your team

• We import the wireless data into your management system / computer operations.

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