Doppler Velocity Probe DVP

The Doppler Velocity Probe DVP is an excellent tool for measuring flows in sewers and waste water treatment plants, irrigation canals, rivers and all open channel applications (clear, contaminated and filtration water).


Main characteristics:

  • Bi -directional flow measurement, even in very shallow water with a flow range of 0.01 to 5 m/sec (0.03 to 16.4 ft/s)
  • With RS232 or RS485 ModBus RTU and SDI-12 communication and low power consumption, the DVP can be connected to most logging devices or directly to a SCADA system
  • The unit is IP68, ATEX IECEx and NEMA6 certified
  • The signal quality can be recovered as an auto diagnostic and measurement reliability tool
  • The DVP measures both temperature and velocity and has integrated sound correction for increased accuracy
  • Integrated digital filters for an optimal sensor configuration
  • Interfaced with Winfluid, our programming and data processing software which uses all the tools and hydraulic tables necessary for simple and effective use
  • The unit is supplied with a 24-month warranty which can be extended to 36 months

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