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We remain at your disposal with over 10,000 measuring systems for rent, expertise acquired through experience and exceptional organizational skills devoted to customer service.

For more than 20 years, our engineers and technicians have inspected and repaired equipment supplied by us and a number of "orphan" brands present on the market.

Our services :

NEW ! Always dedicated to its customers, Hydreka now offers a comprehensive range of maintenance contract applied to our whole line of products. We are proud to deliver our low cost maintenance contrast with a short turnaround time in order to keep your equipment available and up-to-date. (Get more information about our maintenance contract)

  • Calibration: Hydreka has efficient and automated references at its disposal to inspect all instruments sold or rented. Calibration and sensor inspection services are also available and cover a wide range of measuring systems.
  • Level and pressure sensor calibrating equipment guarantees accurate measurement.
  • A nine-point calibration certificate is issued for each sensor. The calibration rig has been upgraded to calibrate bubbler flow meters and inspect ultrasonic level probes. 

  • The hydraulic rig is equipped with electromagnetic flow meters gauged according to COFRAC/NAMAS procedures. An open channel pipe is used to inspect Doppler flow meters. Two pressurized pipes are used to calibrate electromagnetic insertion flow meters and inspect flow meters with external sensors.

  • Inspection: Consists in checking a sensor or a measuring instrument by comparing it with standards. Engineers carry out thorough checks on equipment (connections, memory battery, power supply, watertightness) and a quote for repair or calibration is issued whenever necessary.
  • Repairs: After acceptance of the quotation, the equipment is restored to good working order (worn parts and defective components being replaced)
  • Calibration: The final stage of an inspection or repair job. Calibration systems are used to guarantee and certify the metrological characteristics of equipment entrusted to us. This operation is confirmed by the delivery of a report and certificate.

        • For all repairs, quotes or on-site work, please complete our contact form
        • A telephone helpline is also available: + 33 (0)4 72 53 11 53