For one-off measurement system requirements related  to network diagnosis or leak detection.
Have your equipment delivered anywhere in France or abroad.
You can rest assured that all equipment is checked and calibrated.

HYDREKA meets all these needs thanks to expertise and experience gained through day-to-day management and storage of measuring instruments.
Ours is probably the widest range available in Europe, wich means the right measurement system will always be available.

 Equipment available for rental :produits atelier location Stock over 10000 references

  • Standalone recorders (digital and/or analogue input)
  • Flow meters ( wastewater and drinking water)
  • Fire hydrant checking system
  • Level and pressure sensors, bubbler flow meters, ultrasonic level probes
  • Rain gauge, overflow detector, amperometric clamps
  • Portable samplers
  • Standalone physico-chemical probes
  • Smoke generators
  • Preliminary leak detection devices
  • Acoustic correlators
  • Acoustic detectors
  • System detectors and projected camera
  • Specific connecting devices (e.g. connection to drinking water meter data transmitter heads).

Most of the measurement systems available for rental are interfaced with our WinFluid software package.

With extensive experience in managing the entire life cycle of our equipment, we have arranged our premises in a likewise manner over an area of 1,000 m2

    1. One room to receive equipment and store bulky measuring systems
    2. A Wash station with industrial washing machineS and specific wash tubs
    3. A room devoted to the storage of non-checked instruments
    4. A workshop for checking, gauging and repairing measuring systems whenever necessary
    5. A room devoted to the storage of the checked equipment ready to be delivered
    6. A room devoted to the packaging of measuring systems and delivery process.
    7. Hydraulic and pressure test bench to check and calibrate measuring instrument (our metrological references are linked to Cofrac)


    A team of ten consultants remains at your service, to advise you regarding the various aspects of equipment rental:

    • sales: rental quotes, selecting the best equipment to suit your requirements,
    • technical: technical support for the programming of measuring instruments and managing related problems,
    • administrative: managing the shipping of equipment, order forms, etc.


    For more detailed information, please contact our rental department: